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Gr. 6 Eugene Reimer Middle School: Act of Kindness

Eugene Reimer Middle School Students Deliver over 250 Cookies as a Random Act of Kindness to all 46 Schools in Abbotsford School District


The classroom was buzzing with positivity and the students said the highlight of this project was making video messages of thanks, packing cookies, and designing cards to say "Thanks". Grade 6  Eugene Reimer Middle School students decided as a class to send a surprise thanks to the office staff, custodians, and administrative teams for their leadership and service to the community, especially during the pandemic. On Wednesday, November 4th students from Mrs. Sidhu's, Mrs. Sangha's, and Mr. Hirschmans' grade 6 classes with the help of teachers and principal Ian Levings delivered over 250 cookies as a sign of appreciation to 46 schools. The schools included every elementary school, 8 middle schools, and every high school in Abbotsford. These grade 6 students are new to middle school and are just getting to know each other yet they came together around an act of kindness as agents of change to build community during a pandemic year. Students spent a lot of time figuring out how to make this Random Act of Kindness possible during the "new normal" at school. They increased their sense of belonging, strengthened their leadership and communication skills. Over 46 gift bags were delivered with messages of thanks and cookies that had a  personal message on them to communicate their thanks to the office staff, custodians, and administrative teams for caring about students. Students created a video to say thanks as well since they could not deliver the cookies in person. Eugene Reimer students continue to make a difference.


The Eugene Reimer Middle School Team

Current until: Friday, January 1st, 2021
Posted: Thursday, November 5th, 2020