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Athletes of the Month

September Athletes of the Month:

Grade 6 Boys- Manraj Dhaliwal is eager to learn the game of volleyball and develop his skills. He faithfully attends practice and plays games for both the grade 6 and the grade 7 team. Manraj always works hard, he is a great team player and is a pleasure to coach.

Grade 7 Boys- Arvin Deol is a fantastic member of the cross country team. He was steadfast showing up to every practice and meet and he is consistently beat his personal time by setting goals on how to improve his running.

Grade 8 Boys- Kavan Kahlon. Kavan placed top 10 within the Fraser Valley Cross Country races. He had an excellent showing at all his races, competing against some of the best runners in the province.

Grade 6 Girls- The girl with the smile, Zoe Antonio is the Grade 6 Female Athlete of the Month. Zoe was definitely the leader and her positive encouragement to her teamates was a constant presence of each game.

Grade 7 Girls- Janpreet Hundal has developed strong volleyball slills and is a leader on and off the court. She exhibits a calm demeanour, and is one of the only girls to serve overhand on a regular basis. She is supportive of her teammates, and has a good understanding of the game of volleyball. It has been a pleasure working with Janpreet this month.

Grade 8 Girls- The Grade 8 Female athlete of the Month for September is Anna Le. Anna is a strong leader who is always positive on the court. She has the most consistent serve and is always working hard. She is so very coachable. Her coaches note that she does not panic on the court. She is always reliable to get the ball up.


October Athletes of the Month

Grade 6 Boys- ______

Grade 7 Boys- Jeyzer Recina. Jeyzer is a great athlete and a natural volleyball player. He showed great improvement and skill in passing, hitting and serving. Jeyzer is a great teammate and always brings a positive attitude onto the court with him He strongly represents a model Raven athlete.

Grade 8- Boys- Gurjot Tiwana. Gurjot was a dedicated athlete this cross-country season.  He attended all of the cross-country practices and meets throughout the season.  At the end of the year, Gurjot was given the “Iron Grit” award because of his toughness.  No matter what he faced during a race, he always kept a positive attitude and finished strong.  


Grade 6 Girls- Jasleen Mann. The October Grade 6 Female Athlete of the Month is Jasleen Mann.  Jasleen was a member of the Grade 6 girls volleyball team.  She is a talented volleyball player, whose skills were very apparent in the games against other Middle Schools.  Jasleen had a strong and very consistent serve that scores many points for our team.  She was very mobile on the court and was able to chase down balls and help her teammates put the ball over the net.  One of the team’s goal was to have three hits on a rally, and Jasleen was a key player that helped make that happen.  Congratulations Jasleen on being named the October Grade 6 Female Athlete of the Month. 

Grade 7 Girls- Harjot Sidhu. Harjot showed continuous improvement over the course of this month, and emerged as a real leader on our volleyball team. She exhibited consistency in her serving, and was always willing to work hard to improve her skills. By the end of the month she became one of our most consistent passers, and led our team in blocks and successful serves.

Grade 8 Girls- Payz Azez. Payz is an extremely coachable athlete, who has an excellent sense of the game of volleyball. She is reliable offensively and defensively, and is a leader who directs the action on the court. Payz not only knows her position, but also those of her teammates-her actions make those around her better. 


November Athlete of the Month

Grade 6 Boys- Jaskaran Dhanoa. Jaskaran has an amazing attitude and is an incredible team player. He always gives his best effort at practice and in games. Jaskaran has a great serve and is developing his other skills too. He is well on his way to becoming a great volleyball player.

Grade 7 Boys- Harmanpreet Singh. Harman always brings a strong effort, he truly enjoys playing organized sports and he accepts his role on the team. Harman is committed, works hard and continues to show great improvement. Harman plays and contributes on both the volleyball and basketball team and he is a pleasure to coach.

Grade 8 Boys-Jaskarn Bajwa. Early on in the season, Jaskarn has emerged as a "go to guy" for our basketball team. He is a force on both the offensive and defensive end of the court, and his hard work in practice is truly exemplary. As one of our team Captains, he has taken it upon himself become a vocal leader, helping to motivate the rest of his teammates. Jaskarn is one of the top players in the city this year and I am confident he will continue to excel as the season goes on. 


Grade 6 Girls- N/A

Grade 7 Girls- Harveen Randhawa. Harveen was a leader on the volleyball team through her determination and effort. She worked hard to improve her skills, and was a consistent passer, which resulted in her being a stabilizing force on the court. She was one of two players who could overhand serve, and improved each game as the season progressed.

Grade 8 Girls- Payz Azez. Payz Azez has been an integral part of the grade 8 girls basketball team early in the season. She has emerged as a reliable defensive player, and works hard on improving her skills to be an effective point guard for her team. Her strong work ethic makes those around her work harder, and she is counted on to be a leader for the team.


December Athletes of the Month

Grade 6 Boys- N/A

Grade 7 Boys - Navpreet Gill. Navpreet works hard at practice and he is fast both on offense and defense. He is a strong team player and enjoys watching his teammates succeed. He has a great attitude and is very coachable. Navpreet is a strong basketball player already and because of his work ethic and commitment, he will continue to get better!

Grade 8 Boys-Krishi Sharma. As the point guard for our Grade 8 Boys, Krishi is one of the most crafty, cerebral, and talented offensive players in the city. The most accurate word to describe Krishi's game is smooth. He is the anchor for our basketball team, leads by example and he is relied upon during pressure situations. I can always count on Krishi to get a basket when needed.  

Grade 6 Girls- N/A

Grade 7 Girls- Ria Khattar has shown great passion for basketball since her first day at practice. She is always willing to learn and improve for the better of the team and for her future in the game. A committed athlete has no shame in changing the way they play. When the team needs her, she is ready to push herself until she is exhausted in order for the team to succeed. 

Grade 8 Girls- Gurpreet Virk. Gurpreet is respected by all of her teammates, and as a result was selected as the captain for her team. She leads by example and will work hard regardless of the score. Her determination and effort make her a force on the court, and she continues to improve dramatically in all aspects of her game.

January Athletes of the Month

Grade 6 Boys- N/A

Grade 6 Girls- N/A

Grade 7 Girls- Parveen Sandhu. is an enthusiastic and gifted basketball player. She caught on really quick to the basic skills. She knows when to listen and do what the coaches say. Her motivation to succeed is what pushes her to work harder each game. Can't wait to see what the future holds for her. 

Grade 7 Boys- Sahil Gill. Sahil is a hard-working, athletic and smart basketball player. He shows great potential as a point guard. He is a good shooter, aggressive at driving the ball and is developing strong court vision. Sahil is committed to the team and  is growing in his leadership abilities. 

Grade 8 Girls- Daman Khaira. Daman is naturally gifted as a basketball player, and has shown continuous improvement over the course of the season. Challenged to assume the role of leader on the team, she has made strides to improve her game. When she is focused she is a dominant force on both the defensive and offensive ends of the court. Her positive nature makes her an excellent teammate, and her commitment to improvement motivates those around her to be better. The future looks bright for this young lady. 

Grade 8 Boys- Haman Grewal. Haman is one of the most crafty, hard-working, and talented players I have ever coached. He has improved by leaps and bounds, and is now one of our leading scorers. He brings toughness, work ethic, savvy and a quiet confidence to our team, and is known to hitch clutch shots in pressure situations. I look forward to seeing Haman excel in our league playoffs and at the Fraser Valleys!

February Athletes of the Month

Grade 6 Boys- N/A

Grade 6 Girls- N/A

Grade 7 Boys- Manveer Grewal.  Manveer is a hard-working, gifted basketball player who genuinely loves the game. He is a force on the court. He is a real team player and leads by example. Manveer has a great future in basketball! is a hard-working, gifted basketball player who genuinely loves the game. 

Grade 7 Girls- Janpreet Hundal. Janpreet is a dedicated and hard-working basketball player. She is focused on the court when playing defence and offence. Janpreet has proven over the course of the season that she has the potential to succeed as a shooting guard. She is aggressive while playing defence and isn’t afraid to challenge her defender on offence. She is emotionally invested in the game and committed to the team. 

Grade 8 Girls- Kulvir Sidhu. Kulvir has a great mind for basketball and served as a steadying force both on and off the court for our team. As one of the team's leaders Kulvir was looked up to by her teammates, and responded with poise and determination. She possesses an unquestionable work ethic and strives at all times to not only make herself better, but also those around her as well. It was a pleasure coaching Kulvir this season and I look forward to seeing her continue to develop into a strong basketball player in the future.

Grade 8 Boys- Gavin Garcha. Gavin brought some much needed toughness and grit to our Grade 8 Boys basketball team this year. Although undersized, Gavin was always called upon to guard the opposing teams tallest and strongest players, and he always came out on top. Whether it was grabbing an offensive rebound, boxing out, making a tough hoop, or taking a charge, I could always count on Gavin to never back down from a challenge. Gavin missed the majority of our season due to a family trip to India, but I was both impressed and proud of the way he came back and contributed to our team. We could not have made it as far as we did with you Gavin, well done!


March Athletes of the Month

Grade 6 Boys- ______________

Grade 6 Girls- Gurleen Dhaliwal. Gurleen is a dedicated athlete and has committed a lot of time becoming proficient in the sport of basketball.  She comes each day to practice with great enthusiasm and the desire to push herself to become better.  She listens attentively and tries follow the directions of her coach in each drill.  Gurleen is also a leader on the court as she helps players that need some extra direction.  I look forward to seeing how Gurleen progresses in the next few years as I believe she will become a fierce competitor.

Grade 7 Girls- Parveen Sandhu. Parveen has proven to be an asset on the rugby field this year. As a new player she has taken direction from practice well and put her newly learned skills into the games.  Parveen has a keen field sense that allows her to see the game and react accordingly.  Parveen may be one of the smallest people on the field but opponents can never count her out as she is one of Reimer’s tackling machines!  

Grade 7 Boys- Jaskaran Singh. As a grade 7, Jaskaran has emerged as a top player amongst an exceptional group of grade 8 athletes on this year’s rugby team. Though new to the sport, he has shown that he is a quick learner with an eagerness to put his abilities to the test. Jaskaran’s rugby skills are well rounded with particular talents in passing and kicking. Yet, what makes him stand out is his courage in the contact area. Although he is one of the youngest members of the team, Jaskaran has stepped up to become one of the most trusted players on defense. Jaskaran’s strong kicking and fearless defense will continue to be depended upon this season.

Grade 8 Girls-  Marisa Smit. Marisa has earned the position of Captain of the girl’s rugby team through her coachable qualities and eagerness to learn the game.  Marisa is always on time and giving 100% at practices.  Marisa is a fearless competitor. On offence she runs into her opponent with a “dare you to tackle me” swagger, while on defense her leadership stands out as she communicates with her teammates and is always first to the tackle.  Marissa is a smart player who has great game sense.  She is eager to learn the game and anyone who watches her play knows that this is the beginning of something great for her.   

Grade 8 Boys- Deep Brar. Deep has been one of the rugby team’s strongest leaders this year. As the team’s on-field captain Deep has become the go-to guy to lead the boys in what is, for almost all members, their first year playing rugby. In addition to being a natural leader, Deep has shown his toughness and grit by handing out punishing tackles on defense and being a strong force in the scrum. What’s more, Deep is a powerful runner and is often counted on to break through staunch defense and gain the extra yards. His skills and continued leadership will no doubt help the team improve throughout the season. 


April Grade 6 Girls- Noorkiran Dhaliwal-  Noorkiran was a solid presence on the basketball court this season.  She lead the team in rebounds and was a force on defense.  Noorkiran showed up to every practice ready to work hard and learn all she could to improve her game.  She played each game with exceptional leadership and teamwork.  I look forward to seeing her on the court next year.


April Grade 6 Boys-______________


April Grade 7 Girls- Ria Khattar’s fearless attitude towards the game of rugby is what makes her stand out on the girl’s rugby team.  Ria has proven to be the top tackler on the team. Ria though one of the smallest on the field is a huge force to be reckoned with.  Ria is a leader amongst her peers. She was instrumental in encouraging other grade 7’s to come out and try the game of rugby. As her coach I am excited that I get to have her for another year. 

April Grade 7 Boy- Daniel Peters. One of only two grade sevens on the team, Daniel demonstrated every game that he could match any grade eight player in skill and toughness. Daniel’s many talents on the rugby pitch made him one our few “utility backs” meaning that he could (and did) play at every position in the backline. Daniel is an impressive runner, often able to weave his way through defensive lines while also having the presence of mind to look for the offload. Apart from Daniel’s abilities on the offensive side of the game, he proved to be the team’s best tackler. Often not settling to just make contact with an opposition ball-carrier, Daniel executes textbook tackles that are not only safe but highly effective. Daniel’s consistent and dynamic performances played a big role in the team’s success this season.

April Grade 8 Girls- Gurpreet Virk has had a great rugby season. She has emerged as a strong leader on and off the field.  Gurpreet has good game sense and her determination and work ethinc make her a force on the field. She used her aggressiveness and basketball skills to her advantage, as she would ‘rip’ the ball and create a turn over for her team.  Gurpreet is very coachable and always asking how she can improve.  It is because of this that Gurpreet continues to improve dramatically in all aspects of her rugby game.  

April Grade 8 Boys- Shaymus Shaw. Congratualtions to Shaymus Shaw for winning the April Make Athlete of the Month. Shaymus has been a dominate rubgby player who has gotten better and better every day of the season. He attend pratice every day and is always willing to put the work into his sport. Congratulations Shaymus, we are proud of you!


May Grade 6 Girls-  Loveleen Singh- Loveleen was a hard working player that showed up to practice every day with amazing work ethic.  She had a positive attitude and worked hard to improve her game this season.  Loveleen showed teamwork and great sportsmanship this season and she was a pleasure to coach this season.  


May Grade 6 Boys _____________

May Grade 7 Girls- Noorjot Dhaliwal has completely earned the title of athlete of the month with her persistence to improve as a rugby player. She was never discouraged by sitting at the beginning of the games, rather she took this opportunity to learn the game and her position better.  This payed off for Noorjot. She finished off the season with a strong showing of her skills of clearing the ball and breaking through tackles with the ball. Great work Noorjot, I’m excited for next year!

May Grade 7 Boys-  Not Awarded.

May Grade 8 Girls- Priya Kaler is a true team player. She is willing to step into any position on the field to help her team.  Priya emerged as one of our top tacklers using her speed to catch the offense that had slipped through.  Priya’s no fear mindset became an asset to her team as she was often the first person crashing into the defense and breaking tackles.  Pryia definitely has a bright future in rugby.

May Grade 8 Boys-Ben Tran. Ben is a player that though small in stature made a big impact with his powerful running and front up defense. A force as the team’s blindside flanker, Ben would often pick and drive from the back of a breakdown and challenge opposition defenders to tackle him head on. Driving his shoulder into would-be tacklers, Ben built a reputation as a fearsome ball-carrier. As the season went on Ben’s skills improved in the ruck, regularly securing ball for our scrumhalf to begin the next phase. His ability to play multiple positions, occasionally filling in at prop or hook, made him a key player this season. Ben’s willingness to play where needed coupled with his talents on the field will no doubt bring him future success in rugby