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Track and Field

Please see attached document for the Track and Field Records.

Also congraulaitons to the following students who placed at the 2018 Abbotsford School Distrcit Track and Field Meet:


Dear Eugene Reimer Parents, 

A big thanks to Ms. Jurcic for organizing the District track meet.


- 2nd in 200m
- 3rd in Long Jump
- 2nd in Pentathlon

Madison M. - 2nd in Long Jump
Punit S. - 3rd in Discus
Emilia L.  - 4th in 800m
Kaydin-Lee B.  - 5th in Shot Put
Relay Team - 1st with a time of 1.00.68

3rd Place overall in the Grade 6 Girls Category

Grade 6 Boys:
Sahaijpal T.- 2nd in 1500m
Harsheep A. 

- 4th in 1500m
- 4th in 800m

Malachi G.- 8th in Discus
Relay Team - 5th 

Grade 7 Girls:

Trinity B. 
- 2nd in Shot Put
- 2nd in Discus
- 8th in 100m
- 6th in Pentathlon

Jason M. - 4th in Discus 
Zoe A. - 8th in Pentathlon
Relay Team - 4th

Grade 7 Boys:
Prabh G.

- 1st in 100m
- 2nd in 200m
- 8th in Long Jump
- 8th in Triple Jump
- 5th in Pentathlon

Augusitn S. - 2nd in Discus 

Adam M. 

- 3rd in 1500m
- 3rd in 800m
- 3rd in Triple Jump
- 4th in Shot Put
- 6th in Long Jump
- 3rd in Pentathlon

Ben G.
- 3rd in Discus 
- 5th in Shot Put
- 8th in Pentathlon
Relay Team - 3rd

3rd Place overall in the Grade 7 Boys Category

Grade 8 Boys:

Jeyzer R.

- 2nd in 100m
- 1st in Triple Jump

Humraj S. - 3rd in Shot Put
Navpreet G. - 5th in Discus
Hayden C. - 7th in Long Jump
Relay Team - 2nd

Grade 8 Girls:

Julia P. 
- 2nd in 1500m
- 2nd in 800m

Bernice J.L.

- 2nd in 400m
- 2nd in 200m
- 5th in 1500m
- 5th in 800m

Kierlene K.

- 2nd in 200m
- 5th in Long Jump

Kaitlyn L. 

- 2nd in Long Jump
- 6th in 200m
- 8th in 100m

Jasnoor S.

- 7th in 800m 
- 7th in Pentathlon

Simrit R. - 8th in 400m
Relay Team - 3rd
2nd Place overall in the Grade 8 Girls Category

Congratulations to all students who participated.

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