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Grade 4/5 Volleyball Camp

Dear Grade 4 and Grade 5 Families,

Eugene Reimer Middle School is looking forward to hosting a Grade 4/5 Volleyball Camp for the Elementary Schools that feed Eugene Reimer.

During this Volleyball Camp the players will be coached by our Grade 8 Girls Volleyball players as well as our middle school coaches. The goal of the program is to not only help coach your children and improve their volleyball skills but to help with their transition to Reimer next year.

The camp will run on 5 days at Eugene Reimer Middle (dates will be set in October)


There are 2 times available for sign up (limited to 45 players per time slot). Please check the following box that works for you.

Elementary School that your child currently attends: _______________

Child’s Name: ________________

Time Preferred (Circle One):         3:00-4:00 PM       or         4:00-5:00      or         No Preference  

If you have any questions please email Head Volleyball Coach, Ms. McPhee at