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Blog: Thursday, February 6th, 2020

Explorations Programs at Eugene Reimer

Eugene Reimer Middle School is now operating at full student capacity. With the hard work of many, Eugene Reimer Middle School has recaptured almost all of their catchment students and enrollment is a healthy 608 students. One key factor of the change process at Reimer is the investment into Reimer’s explorations programs. The shop program as well as band reopened three years ago. These programs along with the established art and cooking programs are highlights of a Reimer students’ day.

A key attribute of the middle school philosophy is that every student’s academic and personal development is guided by an adult advocate. In explorations, students are provided an opportunity to shine in other areas of the curriculum that are outside their classroom. The explorations program allows teachers to, “make strong connections with students who may not normally connect with others”, says Heather Himmel, Reimer’s art and cooking teacher.

Michael Whalley’s shop class has been infused with technology and renamed “Design and Build”. Students learn the design cycle by using Inkscape, a software for drawing projects and then proceed to cut their design on Reimer’s Laser Cutter. This coupled with traditional woodworking has brought school alive again with the smell of wood in the shop.

Lastly, Heidi Buhler has built the band program from zero to 120 students. A highlight for our Band was a Gold Medal award at the Whistler Band Competition. The band is getting ready for their band trip to Victoria where they will be playing in Centennial Square and at the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival.

Next time you are at Reimer come check the explo department and see it in action!

Principal, Eugene Reimer Middle Schools