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Blog: Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Where Does Everyone Belong?

Starting in a new school can be tough. Every September we have an entire cohort of Gr. 6’s that move from elementary to middle school. These new students are full of questions, and most are nervous about meeting new friends, opening lockers for the first time, and finding out who will be in their class and who their teachers will be. The staff at Eugene Reimer Middle School wanted to make this transition as supportive and seamless as possible.

On August 29th at Eugene Reimer, our very keen and welcoming Gr. 8 WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) student leaders welcomed 115 of our new Gr. 6 students. We played some games to get to know new classmates, had a lock opening competition, toured the school, took group photos, engaged in a marshmallow tower competition, enjoyed some snacks, and had a great time learning about Eugene Reimer. By the end of the day, our new Gr. 6 students were visibly excited to start school on September 4th. In addition to the 115 new Gr. 6 students, we had over 100 parents join us in the Library Learning Commons where they learned about the components of a middle school and the numerous programs available at Eugene Reimer.

The Eugene Reimer community of parents, staff, and students are very proud of this school and hope to make Eugene Reimer middle school the community hub that it deserves. From all of the staff, students, and parents at Eugene Reimer, we hope you all enjoy another exciting September and the Fall “back to school” season.

Vice-Principal, Eugene Reimer Middle School