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Gr. 6 WEB Event: August 29th

WEB 2019-20

WEB stands for "Where Everyone Belongs" and is a program for new Grade 6's.  The goal is to welcome students into Gr. 6 and reduce the anxiety of starting at a new school. It will also serve to offer leadership positions to our Gr. 8 students who team up to lead our new Grade 6's. We endeavor to set up students for a successful middle school experience! Our WEB/Crew make a difference!

August 29th: Gr. 6's at Reimer for WEB events from 8:30 - 11:30am. Gr. 8 WEB/Crew leaders to help. Gr. 8 WEB/Crew students are requested from 8 – 12pm today.

Location: Eugene Reimer Middle School

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