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Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following for being nominated as Eugene Reimer Students of the Month


September Grade 6 - Madison McDonald

The Grade Six Student of the Month Award for September is presented to Madison McDonald.  Madison is an eager, hard working student who always tries her best.  She works diligently on all of her assignments, projects, and tests. Madison is also very responsible with her learning and not only asks questions when needed but always has her homework done promptly.  Socially, Madison cooperates well with her peers  and she has good character; she is honest, respectful, and kind.   Additionally, Madison is an active member of both Character Crew and the Soccer Academy.  According to her coaches, Madison excels athletically and is a positive leader on the field.  Overall, Madison is a well rounded student academically, athletically, and socially. She is a pleasure to teach and a leader in our school. 


September Grade 7-  Jaismeen Guron

The September grade seven student of the month is Jaismeen Guron. She joined us towards the end of her grade 6 year and has transitioned into our school community seamlessly. It takes a lot of courage join a class at the end of a school year and to do it with so much integrity is rare. She has connected with many peers and is respectful towards everyone she meets. Jaismeen is consistently challenging herself socially and academically. She continues to put service at the forefront of who she is. She represents what it means to be a true Raven.


September Grade 8 - Bernice Jean-Louis

Bernice Jean-Louis is an all-around fantastic individual. Despite being new to the school (and the country), Bernice has fit in seamlessly and is currently a member of the grade 8 girls volleyball team and the Hansen cross country team. Bernice is not only an athlete, but has excelled in all subjects thus far. She is kind, compassionate and participates in all aspects of school life! 

October Grade 6 - Balwinder Jaswal 

This term our division has focused on the character traits and habits of good leaders. These traits are important personality traits that we want our students to emulate so they can become outstanding, respected people in our community. In division 3 there are many who are developing these traits and we have chosen one as our Student of the Month. Balwinder Jaswal is a fine example of a young person others can look up to and respect. She is kind-hearted, always thinking of others, especially those who need help. She is friends to many, and with her winning smile, she welcomes anyone, and everyone who enters the classroom or school. On top these fine qualities, she is also a top student, earning good grades in all areas and working hard to improve in every way she can. Balwinder is an important and valuable member of our class and she is to be congratulated on being chosen Student of the Month for October, 2017.

October Grade 7- Simarpreet Sidhu

The October student of the month for Division 8 is Simarpreet Sidhu.  Simar is a great all around student that always does her best on all of her assignments and is kind and helpful to her fellow classmates.  She is part of Crew where she helps out with fundraising and school events.  If that was not enough she also played for the Grade 7 Volleyball team.  Simar is always looking for ways to help and make the environment at Eugene Reimer the best it can be.  Great job Simar!!

October Grade 8 -  Ria Khattar

The Grade Eight Student of the Month Award for October is presented to Ria Khattar.  Ria is a mature student athlete who always puts 100% into her academics.  Not only does she work diligently on all of her assignments, projects, and tests, but she has stepped into a leadership role within Character Crew.  Ria is a socially responsible student who is kind, respectful and inclusive.  However, what has set Ria apart is her willingness to try new things with a positive attitude.  Overall, Ria is an accomplished student academically, athletically, and socially. She is a pleasure to teach and a leader in our school.

November Grade 6 - Barnoor Mander

The Grade Six Student of the Month for November is Barnoor Mander. Barnoor is consistently respectful and responsible, regardless of how others are behaving. He is on task, quietly leading his peers to better performance and learning. Barnoor’s work is always done promptly and thoroughly, and we appreciate how he is always carefully listening and following instructions. Barnoor is a gentleman with excellent manners and standards, and we are proud to award him the Grade 6 Student of the Month for November. 

November Grade 7- Adam Muller

Adam exemplifies what is to be a Reimer Raven. Although new to this school, jumping into Grade 7, he has fit in well with the culture and high expectations of Reimer. He is often assumed to be a Grade 8 in our combined class because of his maturity. He is a diligent, conscientious student who looks for ways to challenge himself, even taking on the grade 8s in Math. He never backs down from a challenge and has the tenacity to prove it. His team mates in Soccer Academy have only positive things to say about him and I quote, “He is a leader.” and “He is talented and skilled, but makes it fun.” He is a team player, inclusive and respectful to his classmates. Adam demonstrates integrity, doing what is right without incentive or promise of reward. By example he leads and is a role model to all those around him!

November Grade 8 - Harveen Randhawa

Harveen is a kind, hardworking student that is involved in all aspects of student life at Reimer.  She has contributed to the school as a member of the Character Crew as well as athletically on the volleyball team.  Harveen also helped out at the elementary school volleyball camps this term.  She has a great attitude at school and puts her best effort into everything she does.  With her great work ethic positive attitude and eagerness to contribute and be involved in all aspects of school life, there is no doubt that Harveen will continue to be successful and is very deserving of being called the student of the month for November.

December Grade 6 - Mannat Dhillon

The grade 6 student of the month award for December is presented to Mannat Dhillon.  Mannat is a caring individual who strives to make a difference within her school.  In addition to being eager to help in the classroom, Mannat volunteers her free time to work in the school office.  She consistently conducts herself in a mature manner and is always willing to assist those around her.  Mannat is a conscientious student who works hard on all assignments.  Her commitment to her studies is evident, and sets an example for her peers.  Mannat is a respectful, responsible member of the class.  Her positive attitude, strong work ethic and eagerness to contribute will provide her many future successes.  Congratulations Mannat. 

December Grade 7 - 

December Grade 8 - Tanpreet Dhaliwal

Grade 8, December student of the month is Tanpreet Dhaliwal. This student has consistently shown greatness since the beginning of the school year. She strives to do well in all subject areas. The manner in which she presents herself is flawless. She has developed tremendous internal strategies to produce superior school work and makes it seem effortless. Her confidence has improved greatly this year as evident in her work ethic. When she voices her opinion she does it gracefully and with class. She is a very well rounded individual academically, socially, and is a great athlete. She is an active member with the Leadership Crew. She works well independently and works well with others. She is well-liked and respected by her peers and teachers. We believe that her determination will help her achieve anything she puts her mind too. Congratulations to Tanpreet Dhaliwal! 

 January Grade 6 - Tanveer Dhaliwal

January’s Gr. 6 Student of the Month is Tanveer Dhaliwal. She is a model student and a pleasure to teach.  Tanveer is a kind, considerate, hard-working, young lady who demonstrates respect through positive interactions with all her peers and teachers. She goes beyond what is expected by consistently producing high-quality work. Tanveer demonstrates integrity and challenges herself to attain her goals. She is a soft-spoken leader in Pod C. in that she is always making good decisions both in the classroom and outside of it. Congratulations Tanveer and keep up the good work!

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