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Parent Cafe

Come and Join us at the Wednesday Parent Cafe (in Punjabi). An English one is occurring as well.

A place for parents to talk and ask questions. 

Middle School can be a tough time for kids and their parents. It can also be a time of incredible growth, with opportunities for connection and deeper relationships (even if they are pushing you away). Many parents struggle to navigate this period of time, even when they want the best for their children. Join us Wednesday from 9:00 AM-10:30  on the Zoom Online Platform.  A flyer will be sent home soon with your child. It will have information on how to sign up.


Wed Nov 17th ---> 9am-10:30am

Wed Nov 24th ---> 9am-10:30am

Wed Dec 1st -----> 9am- 10:30

The sessions will be focused on emotion-focused family therapy techniques that involve working with caregivers/parents to support them in acquiring skills in how to effectively communicate with their children. We will be covering areas such as validation and how to effectively provide validation to their children, becoming aware of their own parenting styles, what triggers them as caregivers/parents and how this impacts their children, effective ways to communicate with their children, providing emotional and behavioral support to caregivers/parents, working through emotion blocks that can interfere in them supporting their children.  This workshop is not a group therapy session. Rather, its goal is to help parents/caregivers build deeper connections and become more attuned caregivers. It will also help develop parenting strategies to strengthen attachment and effective parent responses.

Gurpal is a Child & Youth Mental Health Therapist for the Ministry of Children & Family Development in Abbotsford. 

For details or questions about the parent cafe please call Eugene Reimer Middle at 604-504-5343 or email school counselor- parmjit.deol [at] or Mental Health 

Looking forward to seeing you there!