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Parent Teacher Conference Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Information for the 2019-20 school year will be added when available. In the meantime, this is how it worked last school year for reference. 

Fall Parent Teacher Conferences:
Parent Teacher Conferences are Wednesday, November 21, 2018 from 5 to 8pm and Thursday, November 22 from 8:30am to 2:30pm.

Some teachers will be conducting Parent/ Teacher-Led Conferences, other teachers will be conducting Student-Led Conferences and still others will be conducting a combination of parent and student-led conferences.  

All conferences for grade 7 and 8 are booked online using an online booking sytem. All grade 6 conference are in a drop-in format except for student in Mr. Yeomans 6/7 class (E167).  When you are ready to book your child's appointment click here and it will take you to our booking system, once there you will be asked to SELECT either Parent-Teacher Conference OR  Student-Led Conference OR Other depending on information below, then your child's POD/ Teacher and finally,  complete your chid's name, your email and your phone number.  The final stage, is clicking the "Book Now" button (blue at the bottom of your booking page).  You will  receive an email confirmation.  If you need to change your appointment you may use the confirmation to change the time, date, or delete / update your scheduled appointment.  

Instructions on how to book an appointment were sent home with your child as well as attached at the bottom of this page.

If you do not have access to the internet, or encounter technical difficulties, please feel free to give the school a call (604-504-5343) or swing by the school and Ms. Mehrer can help you.

Information Regarding each POD's Parent Teacher Conferences:

POD A - Mr. Wodtke & Mrs. Sidhu (please drop in)

POD B  - Ms. McPhee & Mr. Gill (please drop in)

POD C - Mrs. Sangha & Mrs. Moffat (please drop in)

POD D - Mrs. Koop & Mrs. Ewert (please book on-line)

POD E - Mr. Yeomans & Mrs. Taylor  (please book on-line)

POD F - Mrs. Duggan & Mrs. Olfert (please book on-line)

POD G - Mr. Dhaliwal & Mrs. Jurcic (please book on-line)

POD H  -  Mrs. Craven & Mr. Bamara (please book on-line)

POD I - Mrs. Goertzen & Mr. Twele (please book on-line)

Explorations - Design and Build - Mr. Whalley. Please drop into Mr. Whalley's room or book an appointment directly

Explorations - Art and Cooking - Mrs. Himmel. Please drop into Mrs. Himmel's  room or book an appoinment directly

Punjabi - Mr. Brar. Please drop into Mr. Brar's room or book an appointment directly

PE Specialist - Mr. Rutley. Please drop into Mr. Ruttley room or book an appointment directly

Band/Music Teacher - Ms. Buhler. Please drop into Mrs. Buhler's room or book an appointment directly

All LSS teachers will be in their rooms. Please see feel to drop in or book an appoitment directly:

Grade 6 LSS -

Grade 7 LSS -

Grade 8 LSS/Counsellor -


Resource Room -

Thank you for the on-going support of your child's (children's) education!

Mr. I. Levings