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Uniform Dress Code

Dear Parents/ Guardians, 

School Administration has been approached by several parents to revisit the school’s dress code. As a result, we have had two openings on the website to complete a parent/ gaurdian survey. In addition, a paper copy was sent home in early December. Thank you for your participation. We will now tabulate the results and consult with our PAC to move ahead with recommendations. Please feel free to join us at our next PAC meeting or wait for an announcment in the new year.

A uniform dress code was established at Eugene Reimer Middle School that has been in effect sinceSeptember 2012. Students, parents, and staff worked together to determine the dress code requirements for all students who attend our school. The dress code was updated in Janurary 2018 to reflect the parents wish for a casual Friday (on Friday's student are not required to be in the Uniform Dress Code).

"The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) approached Eugene Reimer with a proposal for Casual Fridays for the students.  The students would have the option of wearing their uniform or casual clothing of their choice- just on Fridays.PAC appreciates that the staff and management at Eugene Reimer have approved the Casual Fridays proposal.This new change will take effect Friday January 12th, 2018".

If you have any questions or concerns about the dress code please do not hesitate to contact the Eugene Reimer PAC.

Quick Reference Guide for Uniform Dress Code - All students must be in full dress code for all field trips, assemblies and special presentation.

  • Bottoms: Black or Khaki (no rips and not faded)
    • For boys: Can be jeans, dress pants or dress shorts
    • For girls: Can be jeans, dress pants, capris, dress shorts, skirt and/or skort (skirt and short/combo) with red, white or black leggings (only worn under skirt or skort)
  • Tops: Any collared top (polo or dress) in white, red, grey, black or navy
  • Crested Item:  Crew Neck, 1/4 zipper sweater, V-neck sweater, button sweater, long or short sleeve polo shirt (Only available from Able Cresting)

Able Cresting phone number: 604-864-9728

Please see the attached 3 documents for more information.