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PAC Info 2021/2022

  1. President - Lorea Horner
  2. Vice President - Gurpal Bamara
  3. Treasurer - Rupi Kandola
  4. Secretary - Tindy Pandher-

Every Eugene Reimer parent is encouraged to take part in the meetings. Please feel free to join.

Meeting dates:

The  2021/2022 Meetings are set for the first Wednesday of each month.  

DATE: May 4th

TIME: 6:00 PM (we will be doing a Hybrid Meeting). You can come in person at 6:00 PM or log in to Zoom (Zoom link will be emailed out before the meeting)

LOCATION: Eugene Reimer Library Learning Commons

Here are the dates of the PAC meetings. They all start at 6:00 PM.

  • October 6- COMPLETED
  • November- COMPLETED
  • December 1- COMPLETED
  • January 12- COMPLETED
  • February 9- COMPLETED
  • March 2- COMPLETED
  • April 6- COMPLETED
  • May 4- In-person or online (Zoom Meeting link has been emailed out).
  • June 1

We look forward to seeing you there!  

Click Here to access the DISTRICT PARENT ADVISORY COUNCIL page.  There you will find the DPAC Executive Committee names, minutes of DPAC meetings and access to the DPAC Facebook page.