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Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following for being nominated as Eugene Reimer Students of the Month.

*Please note the Students of the Month Dinner is now set.


TIME: 5:30 PM


September Grade 6 - Lacey Trounce

Congratuations to Lacey Trounce. Lacey has been selected as the Eugene Reimer Grade 6 Student of the Month. Lacey is a new student to the Eugene Reimer Family of schools. She has transitioned so well to her new school. Her kind and caring personality has helped make a ton of new friends and is a valuable member of the classroom community. She acts as a peer tutor to many of the students in her class and Ms. McPhee appreciates that. She stays after school to help the teacher and other. Academically Lacey is a strong role model for her peers and is a wonderful addition to Reimer. Congratulations Lacey!


September Grade 7-  Anant Kaur

Anant Kaur is a model student and a pleasure to teach. She demonstrates respect through positive interactions with all her peers and teachers. Anant is a very responsible young lady and goes above and beyond what is expected of her by doing her best and consistently producing high-quality assignments She is always asking for jobs around the classroom and often volunteers to help her teachers. Anant shows integrity by being honest and challenging herself to attain her goals and by making good decisions both in the classroom and outside of it. Anant exhibits the positive qualities of a Reimer Raven! Congratulations, Anant!


September Grade 8 - Adam Muller


October Grade 6 - TBA


October Grade 7- TBA


October Grade 8 - TBA


November Grade 6 - TBA


November Grade 7- TBA


November Grade 8 - TBA


December Grade 6 - TBA


December Grade 7 - TBA


December Grade 8 - TBA


 January Grade 6 - TBA


January Grade 7 - TBA


January Grade 8 - TBA


February Grade 6- TBA


February Grade 7- TBA



February Grade 8- TBA


March Grade 6- TBA


March Grade 7- TBA


March Grade 8- TBA


April Grade 6- TBA



April Grade 7-  TBA


April Grade 8- TBA


May Grade 6- TBA


May Grade 7-  TBA


May Grade 8- TBA


June Grade 6- TBA



June Grade 7- TBA


June Grade 8- TBA