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Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being nominated as Eugene Reimer Students of the Month!

SEPTEMBER Grade 6 - Payal Sethi (A16)

Payal is known for being a kind, helpful and caring student.  She participated in class discussions and encourages others.  Payal always has a positive attitude towards her schoolwork and demonstrates superior manners.  She is a dedicated learner who completes each assignment with care and attention to detail.  We acknowledge and commend Payal for all her hard work and perseverance.  Hobbies include volleyball, biking, and playing outside.

SEPTEMBER Grade 7 - Kiret Sandhu (F17)

Kiret is a kind, caring, and helpful citizen.  His is respectful and compassionate.  Kiret participates in class discussions and encourages others with kindness.  Kiret is a dedicated learner who completes each assignment with care and attention to detail.  He works well with peers and has a positive attitude towards school work.  We commend Kiret for his consistent effort and positive attitude.

SEPTEMBER Grade 8 - Esha Gill (G28)

Esha is a dedicated, thoughtful, humble, and caring citizen.  She is also an exceptional athlete, whose strong leadership skills shine on and off the court as a valued player on the Gr. 8 Girls Volleyball team.  Esha's positive attitude, grit, and compassion are consistently demonstrated during class discussions and projects.  She consistently exhibits deep understanding and encourages others in class to engage and succeed.  We commend Esha for her consistent work, positive attitude, and care for all people.

OCTOBER Grade 6 - Charlie Farnese (B26)

Charlie is a well-rounded student who excels in many areas of middle school.  He is a dedicated student who strives to do his best at every task he is given.  Charlie is known for being a kind, helpful, and responsible student.  He works well with his peers and always has a positive attitude towards his schoolwork.  Even when he was absent, he made sure to complete all assigned work to keep up with the class.  Charlie is also a member of the Reimer Soccer Academy.  His coaches describe him as a skilled and hardworking player who has taken on a leadership role to help his fellow Grade 6 team mates.  From academics, to sports, to positive character traits, Charlie is a great role model for all students.

OCTOBER Grade 7 - Nisha Khattar (F27)

Nisha Khattar is an awesome member of our Pod classroom community.  She is a leader in various ways and positively impacts her peers both academically and socially.  Nisha participates in class discussions and encourages others with kindness.  Nisha shows commitment in her learning and takes pride in all her work.  Nisha is also gifted athletically showing strong skills and effort in PHE class.  We would like to congratulate Nisha on receiving student-of-the-month honors for October.

OCTOBER Grade 8 - Simran Brar (H18)

Simran Brar is a conscientous, caring, and positive student.  She participates in class discussions, encourages others, and is supportive of her classmates.  She demonstrates all the attributes of a Reimer Raven; she's respectful, she perserveres when she encounters challenges, she has impeccable integrity, and is compassionate when others need help or comfort.  She participates in all activities with enthusiasm and is willing to try new things.

NOVEMBER Grade 6 - Arveen Khangura (C36)

Arveen is always positive, polite, and courteous to peers and teachers.  She tries her best, stays focused on the task at hand, and participates in class discussions.  Arveen knows the meaning of effort, responsibility, and integrity, which will take her far in life.  Reimer is lucky to have students like Arveen to make our school a better place!​  Hobbies: Drawing, volleyball, and listening to music​.

​NOVEMBER Grade 7 - Rajvir Singh (D17)

​Rajvir Singh is a model student in his grade 7 class.  He works very hard at his schoolwork making sure to always do the best he can.  He always treats his peers and adults with respect and kindness and is willing to help anyone who needs it.  Rajvir understands that working hard has rewards and he shows his commitment to learning everyday by being organized and ready to learn.  We appreciate Rajvir's efforts and feel lucky to have him in our class.  ​Rajvir enjoys:  basketball, gaming, reading & soccer.  His favourite movie is "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" and his favourite foods are pizza, butter chicken & lasagna. ​

​NOVEMBER Grade 8 - Simran Hera (I18)

Simran is a strong example of what a Raven student should strive to be.  She is a kind and inclusive member of her class and school community and shows caring towards others.  Her academics are a high priority for her and she strives to do her very best at every single task or assignment.  She is creative and willing to stretch her learning.  ​We appreciate her kind, mature manner and are so happy to have her in Pod I18!​

DECEMBER Grade 6 - Manroop Bhandal (A26)

Manroop Bhandal is Reimer's Grade Six Student of the Month for December. Manroop is a mature thinker who is conscientious about every task in every subject. She is always willing to help her peers with difficult concepts, and does so quietly, kindly and efficiently. Manroop extends her work to demonstrate a higher level of engagement and attention to detail, and she makes excellent use of feedback to improve her performance. ​ Whether in Math, Science or PE, Manroop is a Reimer role model.  We are proud to award her with Student of the Month!​

​DECEMBER Grade 7 - Thea Nicdao (D27)

Thea Nicdao is the Eugene Reimer Grade 7 student of the month for December.  Thea is kind and friendly with all those she meets.  She is a thoughtful and compassionate student who leads by example.  Thea eagerly shares her ideas in class and always completes work to the best of her ability.  She holds herself to a high standard and encourages those around her to do the same.  Thea is always willing to lend a hand and is a valued member of the class.  Congratulations Thea! ​

DECEMBER Grade 8 - Jiya Johal (J18)

Jiya has been highly successful in all subject areas this term.  She uses her organizing skills to complete all her work with due care.  She shares her ideas and concerns in group and class discussions and is a cooperative, responsible individual.  Jiya displays maturity and a respectful nature well beyond her age.  She is a student who is often trusted with tasks around the school and she willingly accepts various roles within the class, school, and group situations, including the role of a leader.  She helped organize Reimer's 3 on 3 tournament for the Abbotsford Flood Recovery Fundraiser.  Congratulations Jiya!!!​

​JANUARY Grade 6 - Diya Gill (B16)

Diya is a kind, responsible student who consistently puts in her best effort.  She is a strong participant in the classroom where she shows great maturity and rarely gets distracted.  Diya has made countless positive connections within our pod and grade.  She regularly displays leadership qualities that set the bar for her classmates to follow.  Diya is an avid participant in school activities.  She eagerly volunteers to lend a helping hand and always does so with a positive attitude.  We are proud of the character Diya has shown this year in respect, responsibility, empathy, and courage.​

​JANUARY Grade 7 - Ardra Abhilash (E27)

Ardra has shown herself to be a hardworking, curious, and insightful member of our class not only during the month of January, but throughout the first four months of school as well.  She is thoughtful and thorough in the assignments that she completes and often asks questions that benefit class-wide discussions.  She cares about her studies and consistently demonstrates a true passion for learning. Ardra is also a valuable social member of the class as she has formed many positive relationships with her peers.  ​Outside of the classroom, she has shown equal success as part of the school band, has competed (and won!) in a Rick Hansen-sponsored writing contest, and has participated in writing book reviews for the school library.  Congratulations to Ardra on all the awesome work shown so far this school year. 

​JANUARY Grade 8 - Rihanna Sharma (G18)

Rihanna Sharma is a kind, conscientious student who is curious and insightful. Rihanna works hard to not only finish her academics on time, but truly tries to understand what she is learning and why. She asks thoughtful questions and is always lending a helping hand to her fellow classmates. ​ Rihanna is an important member of the grade 8 girls basketball team and can dominate in the paint! She is a leader on and off the court. ​ Congratulations Rihanna, on your well-deserved Student of the Month nomination. ​

FEBRUARY Grade 6 - Rehetvir Maan (C26)

Selfless, caring, and hardworking are just a few ways to describe what a great student Rehetvir is. She actively participates in class and does a nice job on her work without needing praise or attention. We can always count on her to do the right thing whether we are watching or not. Rehetvir does her best in class and always has her work done on time. She treats others with kindness and sets a good example for others. Not only does she do extremely well in each of her classes, but she does so while being involved in extra-curricular activities including volleyball and basketball. Her work ethic and kind heart are what set her apart. Rehetvir knows the meaning of effort, responsibility, and integrity, which will take her far in life.  ​

FEBRUARY Grade 7 - Vikram Sandhu (E17)

Vikram is a kind, helpful and diligent student. Vikram takes the time to ensure that his homework is completed to the best of his abilities, he is always striving to extend his thinking which results in him earning top marks.  Beyond his own studies, Vikram never hesitates to help his classmates.  He takes the time to explain concepts that he understands to his classmates and always volunteers in class conversations. Vikram is an inclusive classmate and attempts to make everyone feel included.  Congratulations Vikram on setting a standard within the classroom. ​

FEBRUARY Grade 8 - Manjot Sidhu (H28)

Manjot is a kind, hardworking, and well-rounded student who excels in all his academics. He is a self-motivated student who exceeds expectations with the quality of his work. Manjot is also someone we rely on to ask questions and to contribute to class discussions. Outside of the classroom, Manjot consistently participates in physical activities such as running, basketball and volleyball. He has even seen recent success when his team won the 3-on-3 basketball tournament! ​Manjot is a born leader who is going to be successful in whatever path he chooses, and we look forward to seeing where that path takes him.​

March Grade 6 - Deekhiya Khangura (C16)

Deekhiya Khangura is an exemplary student who demonstrates quality characteristics of responsibility, integrity, empathy and courage. Do not let her easy going, soft spoken and gentle manner fool you!  When it comes to her learning, Deekhiya is anything, but easy going. She is tenacious, instantly tackling each assignment with determination, discipline and perseverance. Her pursuit of excellence is evidence of the learner within. In many ways Deekhiya shows her caring nature, always willing to help her teachers and classmates.  She has an unassuming presence but is a strong leader.  She knows when her fellow classmates need support, a partner, or an advocate.  Deekhiya embraces many opportunities outside of the classroom, too.  She was an active participant in volleyball and has joined the basketball team this term. She enthusiastically participated in our Winter Olympics and is an avid member of Ms. Deol’s reading club. Deekhiya is an inspiration and role model to others around her! ​

March Grade 7 - Samuel Welday (J278)

Samuel Welday is the March grade 7 student of the month. Samuel is a polite student who comes prepared to class every day. Samuel displays all the characteristics of a lifelong learner by asking questions, reviewing his work, and always helping others when he can. He enjoys playing soccer and basketball during his free time with his friends. Congratulations on this achievement!​

March Grade 8 - Manvir Thandi (I28)

Manvir is a bright and attentive young man. In class and in his assignments, he demonstrates that he is an intelligent and capable student who has great potential. He has always been one of the top students in our classes this year.  ​Manvir is organized, attentive to detail, and is able to work independently and cooperatively. He offers, comments and questions many ideas that are both thoughtful and insightful. Manvir is a student who combines excellent natural ability and shows a willingness to learn in all subject areas. ​ He is kind, respectful and always polite. He has a great awareness of his surroundings, makes proper choices, and possesses great attributes of a leader. 

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