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Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following for being nominated as Eugene Reimer Students of the Month.

*Please note the Students of the Month Dinner is now set.


TIME: 5:30 PM


September Grade 6 - Lacey Trounce

Congratuations to Lacey Trounce. Lacey has been selected as the Eugene Reimer Grade 6 Student of the Month. Lacey is a new student to the Eugene Reimer Family of schools. She has transitioned so well to her new school. Her kind and caring personality has helped make a ton of new friends and is a valuable member of the classroom community. She acts as a peer tutor to many of the students in her class and Ms. McPhee appreciates that. She stays after school to help the teacher and other. Academically Lacey is a strong role model for her peers and is a wonderful addition to Reimer. Congratulations Lacey!


September Grade 7-  Anant Kaur

Anant Kaur is a model student and a pleasure to teach. She demonstrates respect through positive interactions with all her peers and teachers. Anant is a very responsible young lady and goes above and beyond what is expected of her by doing her best and consistently producing high-quality assignments She is always asking for jobs around the classroom and often volunteers to help her teachers. Anant shows integrity by being honest and challenging herself to attain her goals and by making good decisions both in the classroom and outside of it. Anant exhibits the positive qualities of a Reimer Raven! Congratulations, Anant!


September Grade 8 - Adam Muller


October Grade 6 - Simar Judge

Congratulations to Simar Judge. Simar has been selected as the Eugene Reimer Grade 6 Student of the Month. Simar has transitioned into middle school with ease. She is consistent and pursues her academics with rigor. Simar never hesitates to help others. Her kind and caring personality has made it easy for her to make a ton of new friends and she is a valuable member of the classroom community. She emanates strong leadership qualities. You will surely hear Simar's name again as she is an admirable leader. Congratulations Simar!


October Grade 7- Jasleen Grewal

Jasleen exemplifies what is to be a Reimer Raven. She is warm, outgoing and demonstrates a positive attitude in all that she tackles. Jasleen is diligent, striving to do her best, asks questions and invites feedback so that she can improve.  She is proactive, often the first to volunteer for jobs that need doing. Jasleen demonstrates integrity, doing what is right without incentive or promise of reward. By example, she leads and is a role model to all those around her!


October Grade 8 - Isabella Mainhood

I have had the privilege of teaching Isabella for three years.  In those three years I have come to know this student as a confident, intelligent and kind leader.  Isabella will ask everyday what is for homework so as not to miss or be late with any of her assignments.  Her work is of exceptional quality and her work ethic unmatched.  Isabella is not afraid to offer her ideas and answers during class discussions and  is a student that is always willing to help her peer in any subject.  We are pleased to be able to give Isabella the student of the month for October.

November Grade 6 - Tegvir Gill

The grade 6 Student of the Month for November is Tegvir Gill.  Tegvir is a well-rounded student who exemplifies many traits of a successful person.  Tegvir is a very hard worker who always puts in his best effort, and he was a Red Feather recipient for Term 1.  This hard work paid off, as Tegvir earned the Top Math student in his division for the first term.  Along with his strong academics, Tegvir also excels in the gym.  He demonstrates strong leadership qualities, good sportsmanship and always follows the instructions to improve his skills.  Tegvir is also a student who displays many qualities of a person of character.  He helps his classmates with their learning, always includes others in conversations and activities, assists the teachers when needed, and his positive, friendly nature makes him a pleasure to have in the classroom.  Congratulations Tegvir, on earning the Grade 6 Student of the Month award for November.


November Grade 7-  Amy Duong

When choosing the student of the month, Teachers look at several qualities. These can include academic performance but often we look for students who also demonstrate the strong character traits of good leaders. For these reasons we have chosen Amy Duong as our student of the month for November. We feel very fortunate to have Amy in our Pod. She has a very happy and enthusiastic attitude toward life, showing this in the way she treats others and in the way she approaches her learning. Amy is extremely kind and empathetic towards others. She will stop whatever she is doing if you need her help or ask her to help others. Her smile brightens our classroom and her daily morning greeting is a great way to start the day. As a member of crew, she contributes to our school community by helping organize activities and through this leadership role she is growing and maturing into an exceptional young lady. Congratulations on being chosen as Grade 7’s November Student of the Month, Amy.


November Grade 8 - Niha M.

Niha is an exemplary student who shines in all aspects of school and community life. She is a hard worker in and out of the classroom and is involved in our school as a library helper, nest helper, crew member, flock helper, office monitor, and is on the Vaisakhi team. She always starts the day off with a huge smile and is willing and able to help anyone in need. It is a pleasure to teach Niha and I look forward to seeing her accomplish her goals.


December Grade 6 -  Khushpreet Pandher 

Khushpreet Pandher has been selected as the Eugene Reimer Grade 6 student of the month. Khushpreet comes into the classroom every morning with a smile. She is a role model in the way she treats others and always contributes thoughtfully to our discussions. Khushpreet takes her time on her work, never gives up, and truly gives her best effort every day. She consistently offers to assist others and the teacher. Khushpreet has an enormous heart and is admired and loved by her peers. It has been a joy having Khushpreet in our pod. Congratulations Khushpreet!


December Grade 7 - Kuldip Singh

Congratulations to Kuldip Singh.  Kuldip has been selected as the grade 7 student of the month for December.  Kuldip is new to Reimer this year and has handled the transition with ease.  Kuldip is a kind, confident and intelligent leader, who ensures that all group members have an opportunity to share ideas.  Kuldip’s thoughtful personality has made it easy for him to make new friends and become a true leader in the classroom.  Kuldip continually does his best to produce high quality assignments.  Congratulations Kuldip.


December Grade 8 - Tript Passi

Tript is a responsible, conscientious student who can be counted on to put a sincere effort into all she does. She is a self-motivated worker who uses class time constructively. Her friendliness and positive attitude towards her classmates and teachers have made her a pleasure to teach. She has worked extremely hard in all of her classes and displaying amazing work ethic. Furthermore, Tript volunteers to help out with classroom organization and clean-up everyday. She is very caring and compassionate student. Congratulations on all your hard-work and keep it up!!


 January Grade 6 - TBA


January Grade 7 - TBA


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February Grade 6- TBA


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February Grade 8- TBA


March Grade 6- TBA


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April Grade 6- TBA



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