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Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following for being nominated as Eugene Reimer Students of the Month.

*Please note the Students of the Month Dinner is now set.



Please note tickets have been added to your child's schoolcashonline. Tickets are not needed for the students. However, guest tickets are $20 each. Two guests per child can come. This is a catered event.  The deadline for purchasing tickets is TBA at 3:00 PM as the final numbers need to given to the caterer.

The menu is meat pasta, primavera pasta, caesar salad and garlic toast and dessert.


September Grade 6 - 



September Grade 7- Subeg Dhillon

 Congratulations to Subeg Dhillon on being awarded the student of the month for September.  Subeg is a kind, confident and hardworking student.  Subeg’s thoughtful personality makes it easy for him to demonstrate his leadership qualities in class. Subeg continually does his best to produce high quality assignments.  Congratulations


September Grade 8 -

October Grade 6 -


October Grade 7- Emaant Johal

When choosing the student of the month, Teachers look at several qualities. These can include academic performance, but we also look for students who are well rounded – meaning they work hard to excel in many areas. The student we chose for October is a well-rounded student. She is determined to do her best in her academic work making sure her assignments reflect her best effort. She is diligent and focused and makes sure she does not waste time in class. She has joined CREW this year and is working hard to develop her leadership skills. For these reasons we have chosen Emaant Johal as our student of the month for October for grade 7. We feel very fortunate to have Emaant in our Pod. Although she is soft-spoken and somewhat quiet, she is willing to help when needed, can show empathy towards her classmates and is a good example for others to follow. We appreciate all her hard and effort this term and congratulate Emaant in being selected as October’s Student of The Month for Grade 7.

October Grade 8 -



November Grade 7- 


November Grade 8 -

December Grade 6 -  

December Grade 7 -


December Grade 8 -

 January Grade 6 -

January Grade 7 - 


January Grade 8 -


February Grade 6- 


February 2020 Grade 7- Avnoor Grewal

 Congratulations to Avnoor Grewal!  She has been selected as the Eugene Reimer Grade 7 student of the month for February. She has consistently shown academic leadership and a positive work ethic.  She is a valuable member of the classroom community. She emanates strong leadership qualities, such as her quiet confidence in all activities, from PE to English class. We appreciate all your hard work and your positive attitude. Congratulations Avnoor!


February Grade 8-


March Grade 6- 

March Grade 7-


March Grade 8-  Amrit Litt



April Grade 6- Nimrat Mann




April Grade 7- 


April Grade 8-

May Grade 6-

May Grade 7- 


May Grade 8- 

June Grade 6-


June Grade 7- 


June Grade 8-  B