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STEAM Program

What is STEAM Learning?

Stem Learning approaches learning by combining skills, processes, and knowledge from multiple disciplines and instead is a holistic approach to learning. The intended goal of stem to provide students with a greater capacity of valuable skills and relevant understanding that would serve them well in today’s world.

STEAM stands for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ARTS, & MATH but can include other disciplines such as English Language Arts, and Social Studies.

Learning Competencies Stem Learning also provides opportunity for students to build and develop their Core Competencies (21st Century Skills) which include opportunities to work collaboratively, communicate their information, findings and ideas with their peers, and apply creative and critical problem solving in learning. Students also gain a further capacity in how to provide productive and valuable feedback and suggestions, while also improving their ability to listen and be open in their thinking.

STEAM Learning at Eugene Reimer Middle

Steam Learning at Eugene Reimer involves creating learning experiences that are relevant, utilize twenty-first-century skills, and provide a variety of instructional tasks and ways for students to demonstrate their understanding. Our program will continue to grow and develop over time and may take on multiple shapes or models depending upon the needs and capacities of our learners and teachers. Eugene Reimer Middle aims to provide their students with unique learning opportunities, a greater understanding of knowledge and skills, and opportunities to apply learning in new and original ways. Students are currently working with littleBits circuit technology kits, Sphero Programming droids, Lego Mindstorm Robotics, and Makerspace build activity kits. 

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