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Special Interest Program

Eugene Reimer Middle School offers 3 days of Special Interests. Students are able to sign up for 3 of the following activities. The first special interest is November 2nd.


*Digital Photography (room 144).  Bring your own mobile device.

*Rural Ravens Leadership Program (room 146)

 *Girls Rugby. Dress for the weather

* Coding. (room 206).  

*Reading Buddies at Harry Sayers Elementary

*Learning how to make an iMovie (room 248)

*Escape Room (off campus) Cost 20$ and field trip forms.

*Soccer. Reimer Field. Dress for the weather.

*STEM Activity Learning how to build a simple robotic bug (Room 207)

* Floor Hockey. Reimer Gym. 

*Cooking. How to make Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies. (Cooking Room)

* Swimming at MRC. Small cost and field trip forms.

*Football. Dress for the weather.

*Basketball. Reimer Gym.

*Breakout EDU. (Learing Commons)

* Knitting. Will need to bring some supplies (Learning Commons).

* Rock Painting. (Room 245)

*Valley Golf. There will be a cost.

*Henna Tattoos (room 208)

*Asian Cooking (room 106)

*3D Cartooning (art room)

* Adavanced Inkscape (Laser Cutter). room 153.

*Conversational Punjabi for Beginners.  (Room 147) 

*Learning how to play the Dohl (Music room)