School Closures

During emergency situations schools will be closed to ensure the greatest possible level of safety for students and staff. Reasons for such closures could include: bomb threats, gas leaks, fire, smoke, power failure, extreme weather situations, earthquakes and other causes that may endanger students and staff. The Superintendent is responsible for all decisions relating to school closures.

Weather Closures

In the event that inclement weather requires a school closure prior to the school day starting, the District will advise as early as possible before 6:00 am of the details of the closure. There are many ways the district can advise the public of a closure, including the following:

  1. An emergency bulletin will be displayed at the top of all school website pages.
  2. District website at
  3. District’s Synervoice communication system, which consists of an automated phone call to each students’ home number or primary contact number.  This will be a district emergency message authorized by the Superintendent and generated through the district office.   The message should be delivered to each home through the automated system by 7:00 a.m. on the day a school closure is in effect.  Please ensure your child’s contact information in the school office, including a parent email address if available, is accurate as the district prepares for this new communication system.
  4. Radio stations
    • STAR FM                98.3 on the FM dial
    • Country FM         107.7 on the FM dial
    • CBC                       690 on the AM dial or 97.7 on the FM dial
    • CKNW                   980 on the AM dial
    • News 1130        1130 on the AM dial
    • Punjabi Radio   1550 on the AM dial
    • Red FM                  93.1 on the FM dial
    • JACK                       96.9 on the FM dial
  6. CITY TV
  8. FACEBOOK: ("Like" the district page)
  9. TWITTER: ("Follow" the district)