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SEEKING DONATIONS - Playground Swing Set for ERMS

Our ERMS students have spoken!  They would ❤️ to have swing sets on our playgrounds. 

We do not have any swings at our school. Think back to your childhood memories and I'm sure you will remember a swing set at another school or park you enjoyed.  The new swings sets will cost about $30,000. The school playgrounds are important hubs of play and gathering for the school and community.  They encourage physical activity and peer interactions.  Schools must pay for their own playground equipment and installations which can be very costly and particularly challlenging to fund.  

In order to raise enough funds to make this become a reality for our ERMS students, we need your help.  We are asking that you please consider making a donation towards getting swings for our school playground.  No donation is too small.  Ways to give:  

Click here to  D O N A T E   O n l i n e  using your debit or credit card.  We accept Visa & Mastercard.               

            * A donation receipt will be emailed to you upon completion of your cart checkout.

You are also welcome to pay cash/cheque at the school.  Any donations over $25 will be issued a manual receipt from the School District Office.

The Abbotsford School District 34 is a registered Canadian charitable organization. All proceeds benefit students of the Abbotsford School District in numerous programs and activities in the schools.  Please retain your receipt for income tax purposes.  If you are donating to a specific program or activity, please indicate program/activity information in the 'MESSAGE TO SCHOOL BOARD' box such as "Swings Set for ERMS".

Thank you very much for your generous donation.  :)

Help our school fundraise for playground swings by donating your recyclable beverage containers at any Return-It Center!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are looking for your help in raising some money for the benefit of the students of Eugene Reimer.  We are fundraising in order to get some new swings installed, but they are not cheap.  There is an easy way to help.  

Simply take your bottles/cans/juice boxes etc... into any Encorp Recycling location and enter the school's phone number.  The school account will be credited for the amount of the deposit.  You just need to bring your recyclables that have a deposit in a plastic bag, enter 604 504-5343 (Eugene Reimer phone number), print out a sticker, and put it on the bag; that's it! 

Thanks for your help in raising money for another fun, outdoor option for our students!

Encorp Locations:

Recycling your Refundables,

The ERMS PAC, and the rest of the Eugene Reimer Team.


The next time you visit COBS Bread at Gladwin Crossing, simply mention Eugene Reimer Middle School (Code 27673) during your transaction at the bakery when you make any purchase.

COBS Bread is donating 5% of every purchase to our school.